Friday, 20 October 2017

Our New Government

Today in Social Studies, we are learning about the new government. We were talking about what was going to happen in the next three years.
I think a lot will change with our new government.What will happen in the next three years because according to their website they are planning to make a change for the better. Like Education, Transport, Health and Immigration Policy are going to change but their is a lot of change going to happen    
I feel that unexpected things are going to happen to New Zealand in the next three year due to a new Government.

Geometry - Maths

This is my maths work, Currently we are working on our new topic Geometry. For Geometry, we working on Co-ordinates on where we went to go. My Destination are: Auckland(where we are now) Manila Philippines, Seoul South Korea, Singapore. Next we identify our Co-ordinates and how long its take to be there. 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Our Political Party Presentation - The Help

My group has been learning about Parties and governments and we are called the "The Help" check out our presentation for more information. Thank you.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Social studies - Survivor Blog Reflection

Blog Reflection

What problems did you face?
Having people on the other side and thinking weather they are nice or not

How did you solve problems?
By having a leader

Who made Decisions?
All of the group mostly made decisions.

Was their one leader who made decision?
Why/why not?
No because we don't want to have problems in our group

Why did we complete this task?
we wanted to see what we could see if we really got stuck on the island

What are the similarities and the differences between your task and the reality?
Our group were more focused on the task then the reality.

Thursday, 8 June 2017



To me exams was a challenge to deal with because it was the first time we ever did in college, i expected to be hard. I think that i didn’t prepare for the exams at first, because i didn’t have enough time to study. I think i did well in english because i have been studying on that topic since term 1, so i think i’ll get the hang of it. I think that maths was hard and science too because those two subjects was the most hardest to me to get the answers. I think I could’ve done better in social studies because that subject was the main focus to me to get better point/marks. I think next time when we have exams, i have to prepare for exams.